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Midrange Extraction, geekshot (Sprogeeks)

ROR, DTR in Espresso? (Sprogeeks)

Same time, same amount, TDS is -3% (Vacancy coffee)

Up dose vs Down dose (Vacancy coffee)

Channeling revealed in EC logs, confirmed in flavor. (Coffee Montage)

Brewing Performance by Group 1 Machine (Bunker Coffee)

Espresso profiling

Insufficient degassing, solved with 20 dosing cups (Keepthat coffee)

Late channeling repeated consistently. When I opened the machine, there was no orifice at all. (Goro)

I used a rotating WDT and got center channeling! (Roadie)

How to quickly check the cup notes of a sample green coffee (Prism coffee)

Reference Log (Jang, Moonkyu)

Reference Log (Seungkyu Park)

Reference Log (Hyun Young Bang)

Reduce brewing temperature to 88℃ for all franchisees. (Bunker Coffee)